What People Are Saying About Walcamp... 

Katrina Kloess, Trinity Lutheran Tinley Park, IL

"Being removed from the busyness, distractions, and stresses of their lives to come to a place where they are safe to overcome fears, challenge themselves, and spend time in nature is a huge blessing. In the 20 years I have been bringing my 5th graders to Walcamp, parents always speak to the fact that their child comes home more confident in their own gifts and talents and excited about the memories they made.  At camp, students are able to grow in many ways - from being able to get themselves ready for showers or the next day to trying things they never thought they would, to overcoming fears and doubts they might have, to spending such quality God-centered time with their classmates, chaperones, and most-importantly God Himself."


Mike Welton - Teacher, Immanuel Lutheran, Freeport

"Walcamp fits in with our science curriculum, helping students meet learning objectives related to ecosystems, horticulture, biology, and astronomy.  Students love the physical education challenges that are special attributes of Walcamp, such as canoeing, archery, hatchet throwing, and even the climbing wall and zip line.  Students gladly collaborate as they hike, prepare camp meals, and learn through activities while being out in nature.  Acknowledging God as the creator and sustainer of the natural world dovetails with our Christian perspective at Immanuel.

Keep up the good work."

Deborah Ficken - Alumni
"My faith went from religion to relationship in the summer of 2006.  I was thankfully raised in a family that attended church, but up to that point my faith was based mostly in rituals.  However, while serving as a camp counselor at a Walcamp Outdoor Ministry in 2006, I encountered genuine Christian community with people who had a vibrant, life-giving relationship with the Lord.  My fellow counselors spoke of the Lord as if He was present in their lives on a daily basis providing for them in each moment.  One evening by the lake I cried out to the Lord because I felt empty inside.  I had chased after approval, affection, and so many other things that never satisfied.  In that moment, I felt the Lord's presence so powerfully.  I sensed that He was asking me if I wanted more from my life, if I wanted Him.  My answer was a resounding YES, and my life has not been the same since that summer."

6th grade students at Immanuel East Dundee

"Thank you for everything you did during our (class trip) time at Walcamp! You helped so many of us catch frogs and crayfish when we didn't think we could. You taught us about survival and took us hiking. We had a great time at Walcamp and we will miss you and the staff. "

Kathleen Johnson - Parent of Special Need's Camper
"Y'all are the absolute best ever!  This camp provided exceptional care for my precious Brittany for several glorious weeks over the summer! Compassionate, encouraging, and understanding, yet also entertaining and silly just to name a few of the counselors' attributes! Genuinely an experience with angels :)"

A Student from St. Philip Lutheran, Chicago

"Thank you for teaching me about better friendship communication. I learned that communication is key! I felt really comfy at camp! You are very welcoming and friendly. Thank you!"