Deborah Ficken
"My faith went from religion to relationship in the summer of 2006.  I was thankfully raised in a family that attended church, but up to that point my faith was based mostly in rituals.  However, while serving as a camp counselor at a Walcamp Outdoor Ministries in 2006, I encountered genuine Christian community with people who had a vibrant, life-giving relationship with the Lord.  My fellow counselors spoke of the Lord as if He was present in their lives on a daily basis providing for them in each moment.  One evening by the lake I cried out to the Lord because I felt empty inside.  I had chased after approval, affection, and so many other things that never satisfied.  In that moment, I felt the Lord's presence so powerfully.  I sensed that He was asking me if I wanted more from my life, if I wanted Him.  My answer was a resounding YES, and my life has not been the same since that summer."

Franky Hoefke 
"I am definitely not the same person I was when I got there back in May. You can literally feel the presence of God once you step on to camp property. You instantly feel an overwhelming sense of peace which I can't explain. God has his hands on that place. Awesome people that work there that I will miss a ton."

John Seisser
"My Walcamp story started while I was in Junior High in Genoa Kingston Schools. We came to Walcamp for a week for outdoor education. I remember making casts of animal footprints, and having to dance (YUK) with our fellow classmates. The food was good and it was a great experience !! Many years later I was on the GK Rescue squad and we had a call at Walcamp that resulted in saving a young girls life, I became close friends with the Doctor and he actually was our family doctor for quite a while. I and my family were baptized in the lake and I don't know how to swim and was very scary for me. I am now a board member and we have a seasonal site in family camp. Great how God has a plan for us we just need to let him take the lead !! " 

Kathleen Johnson-Parent of Special Need's Camper
Y'all are the absolute best ever!  This camp provided exceptional care for my precious Brittany for several glorious weeks over the summer! Compassionate, encouraging, understanding, yet also entertaining and silly just to name a few of the counselors attributes! Genuinely an experience with angels :)