Camp Agape Retreats

Camp Agape
Serving persons with developmental disabilities

Camp Agape serves persons with special needs. Campers hike, canoe, fish, swim, and play games requiring some physical ability alongside their camp “buddies.” Our integrated groups serve about six campers per two team members or volunteers.


Camp Agape Advent Retreat


  • December 17-19, 2021


  • Campers - $175/person
  • Volunteers - No cost - donations towards food and bowling tickets are appreciated!


  • Songs and Stories, nature hike, seasonal crafts, indoor and outdoor games, bowling at a local Bowling Alley.
  • Meals and evening snacks provided: Saturday breakfast through Sunday breakfast
    • Please ensure your camper has eaten dinner before arriving on Friday night.
  • Walcamp has a certified nurse on call who attends our Camp Agape Retreats to dispense medications and care for any unexpected injuries or illness. In the event that a nurse is unable to attend in person, a qualified staff member fulfills these duties with the nurse available on-call to assist with any unusual circumstances.


Who can attend?

  • Our Camp Agape Retreats is a good beginning point for new families trying camp for the first time, especially if a family member is available to volunteer and participate too.
  • These retreats are typically attended by adults who also attend our summer Camp Agape program. New campers and younger participants are welcome! We adapt the experience to meet the interests and needs of our guests.
  • We ask that participants can reasonably care for themselves within a group setting, or be able to wait patiently during times when their caregiver is assisting other campers.The following guidelines may help in determining whether our program is a good fit for your participant.
    • The independent camper can care for his or her self. They are reasonably mobile on flat terrain, and ideally can navigate rough terrain with minimal assistance. This camper can use the restroom, shower and dress completely
      on their own, with perhaps a little verbal prompting. This camper requires minimal supervision and does not require more one-on-one attention than might be expected of any other person interacting in a group setting.
    • The semi-independent camper can care for his or her self with minimal assistance from a care giver. They are reasonably mobile on flat surfaces but may require help on rough terrain or stairs. Assisting this person may include verbal prompts to remember a certain item or specific tasks. This camper can use the restroom, shower and dress completely, although they may need verbal reminders to wash their hands, or to remember which article of clothing to put on next. This camper requires closer supervision, but can still function within a group setting.
    • The semi-dependent camper requires assistance when caring for his or her self. This person may be verbal or non-verbal. They may require help when moving over flat surfaces. This camper can use the restroom on their own, perhaps with verbal prompts or mirroring actions, and may need minimal assistance in the shower, such as pouring soap onto a wash cloth, or with dressing, such as being handed clothing items or getting into shirt sleeves or shoes. They may require assistance at meals. The semi-dependent camper may also be physically independent but require individual attention for emotional support or for closer supervision due to behavioral challenges.
    • The dependent camper requires assistance when caring for his or her self. This person may be non-verbal. They may be visually impaired or hard of hearing. They may require transportation assistance. This person may require help using the restroom, putting on disposable undergarments, showering or dressing. They may require assistance at meals. This individual may also need help getting into and out of a wheelchair. In some cases, a physically able person may be considered dependent for emotional or other needs.
  • Campers who require constant 1:1 supervision or who require injections or diapers are asked to bring a caregiver with them to this retreat at no extra cost. Walcamp does not discriminate based on needs or diagnosis. We seek to provide a quality experience to each individual who attends... and have learned that some needs are beyond our abilities to provide a safe or comfortably experience.

Volunteers Needed:

  • Our Agape volunteers attend as "Camp Buddies," participating in activities alongside our campers and staff, providing assistance as needed and just hanging out with them as a friend.
  • Volunteers can be high-school age or older. Our regularly attending campers range from about age 25-60.
  • There is currently no charge for volunteers, although donations towards food and bowling tickets are appreciated.
  • Our weekend retreats begin Friday evening (around 5pm) and run until Sunday morning (around 11 am)
    • Attendance expectations can be adjusted to fit your needs (especially regarding attending pastors with Sunday morning commitments to their home congregations). Please contact the office to discuss options.


Camp Agape Events Schedule

  • December 17-19, 2021 - Agape Advent Retreat
  • April 8-10, 2022 - Agape Easter Retreat
  • July 31-August 4 (Week 10) - Summer Camp 2022
    • Camp Agape Four-Day Retreat (Sunday-Thursday)
    • Camp Agape Volunteer (Sunday-Thursday)
      • Join us for a week as a "Camp Buddy" and give the camp experience to the individuals who need camp the most during this season of social and physical distancing.
  • December 2022 - Agape Advent Retreat (Dates TBD)

We reserve the right to alter or cancel any program for the safety of ALL our guests and team members.

Camp Agape Summary

  • Camp Agape provides persons with disabilities an opportunity to enjoy camp, going outside to explore nature and to experience the love of Jesus and the friendship of other campers and their "camp buddies."
    • Integrated Programs are for independent campers and may include active (running) games with other youth programs. Supervision for integrated programs is typically 6 campers to 2 staff or volunteer.
    • Dedicated Programs are for campers requiring closer personal attention to make camp a success. Supervision for dedicated programs is typically 2 campers to 1 staff or volunteer.
    • Camp Buddies are Walcamp team members or volunteers who participate alongside Camp Agape campers to provide friendship, conversation, and occasional assistance as there is a need.
  • Walcamp evaluates the needs of each individual to determine the best program fit for them.


Agape Advent Retreat Registration Open!