Alumni Corner

Calling All Walcamp Alumni

Have you served as a part of the Walcamp Summer Staff any time throughout our 60 years of ministry? Then YOU have served as the hands and feet of Christ. Thank you! We want to keep connected and provide opportunities for fellow alumni to stay in touch. Please complete the Google Form to make sure that we have your most updated information. 

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A message from former Walcamp Director Sue Smith-

Have you served our country overseas, gone away to college, been on a business trip, a vacation or maybe a day away from home to go to work? Do you recall how it felt to COME HOME. The ahhh as you walked through the door. The back to the familiar. Surrounded by the known. Solid ground. 

Home is not just a physical place but a feeling of inner peace and connection. A deep breath. A warm blanket on a cold day. A refreshing breeze. It’s a sense of belonging. A soul connection. 

Each weekend I see families interacting with each other apart from their daily routines. Campers hearing about Jesus. Youth experiencing the outdoors for the first time. Congregations gathering for worship...and food. 

Buddy and I ‘CAME HOME’ to Walcamp recently as seasonal campers. It is different to be on the receiving end of ministry. Being able to breathe away from the pressures of daily life. A place of reflection. A spiritual connection to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

It’a a connection, not just to the place, but to people. I have been reunited with past summer team members, friends and even campers who have COME HOME to Walcamp because it is a place in their heart they want to re visit. We have had opportunity to reflect together if only for a brief moment - but yet it feels like we never left. 

We have all changed a bit ... but change is real. In the past couple of years change has been so drastic in our world. 

Change happens at Walcamp too - not only the physical (new zip line, cabins, amphitheater) but the spiritual. I hear often from those I meet, “Walcamp made me who I am today. I am in the ministry because of my time as a counselor. Remember me? I was a camper - I met Jesus here.” Walcamp is a place where lives are changed. God is at work in this place. 

Mark 6:31: Jesus said to them, ‘Come away with Me. Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for a while.’ ...

Walcamp says “WELCOME HOME”....