Retreat in a Box



Let Walcamp lead your next Youth Group Retreat!  Our Retreat in a Box makes planning your event easy!

Step 1: Choose your Timeframe:

Two Nights, 4 meals = $135/Participant

One Night, 3 meals = $100/Participant

Discounts available in winter months and for groups planning an LCMS National Youth Gathering Pre-event Retreat

Price Includes:

  • One or Two night stay

  • Either 3 or 4 meals

  • Walcamp Led Devotions

  • Up to 4 Walcamp-led Activities

  • GIC Low Rope Course included
    (Fills 2 Activity Slots)

  • GIC High Ropes or Paintball Available  for $25/Participant
    (Fills 2 Activity Slots)

Step 2: Choose your Program Style:

Walcamp-led Group Development
Team building games (icebreakers), 1 or 2 morning Bible Encounters, one evening campfire and devotion. Devotions are based on the Psalms and our 2019 theme, Life Rock.

Hi-bred Group Development
Lead as many of the above options as you like, and work with Walcamp staff to fill in the rest. Great for Confirmation Retreat Leaders with a specific topic/focus for the retreat.

Step 3: Choose your Activity Options:

Up to 4 Walcamp-led activities
Options available at right.

GIC Course and up to 2 other activities
Our Group Initiative Course engages participants in games and challenges that develop team skills, leadership, communication, creative problem solving and personal/interpersonal reflection.

High Ropes Course and up to 2 other activities
Challenge your team members to take a Leap of Faith or scale Jacob's Ladder. Counts as two activity slots.
Weather dependant. Additional $25/participant

Paintball Course and up to 2 other activities
Weather dependant. Additional $25/participant

Please Note: For planning purposes, GICs, High Ropes and Paintball each count as two activities.

Activity Options:

(weather permitting)

  • Archery

  • Canoeing

  • Guided Nature Hike

  • Nature Crafts

  • Outdoor Ed Adventures

    • Angry Birds: Physics
    • Alien Invaders: Invasive Species
    • Animal Antics
    • Ahh! Rollercoasters
    • Aquatic Antics
    • Going Batty
    • Life of a Tree
    • Orienteering
    • Mad Scientist
    • Nature Tales: Storytelling
    • Space... the Final Frontier
    • Survival
    • Weather or not
    • Where is my Polar Bear? Endagered Species
    • Who Gives a Hoot: Owls
  • Evening/IndoorActivities
    • Awe-Stronomy
    • Escape Room
    • Night Hike
    • Xtreme Games

Sel-led Options

  • Capture the Flag

  • Sports options: baseball, football, Soccer, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball.

  • Flashlight Tag

  • Gaga Ball

  • Nature Hikes

  • [Your awesome ideas here!]

Step 4: Choose an Evening Activity:

Walcamp Led
Choose from the list on the right.

Self led
Group bonding time! Capture the Flag, Gaga Ball, Talent Show, Board Games, Journaling/Prayer Stations.

Step 5: Schedule your trip:

Call 815-784-514 or Email

Register Early!
Walcamp's weekend programs fill up fast.

Weekend Dates
Please have 2-3 possible dates ready when you register to reduce the possibility of a schedule conflict.



Walcamp's 2019 theme this year is Life Rock, complimenting the 2019 LCMS National Youth Gathering.


If you are planning a Youth Gathering Bonding Event, please let us know when booking and we will provide you with a discounted price!


Retreat in a Box - Sample Schedule

(Schedule can be modified to fit you needs)


Day 1 (Friday)  

6:00 pm

Arrive and get situated
Games or Icebreakers (Walcamp led)
Campfire/S’mores (Walcamp led)
Cabin Time (Self led)
Lights out

Day 2 (Saturday)  

7:00 am
12:00 pm

Rise and Shine
Morning Devotion (Walcamp led)
Activity #1  (Walcamp led)
Activity #2  (Walcamp led)
Rest & Relaxation  (Self led)
Activity #3 (Walcamp led)
Snack break / Option to buy souvenirs
Activity #4 (Walcamp led)
Cabin time: (Self–led) 
Evening Game (Walcamp led)
Night Hike 
Campfire/Devotion (Walcamp led)
Cabin Time (self led)
Lights Out

Day 3 (Sunday)  

7:00 am

Rise and Shine
Continental Breakfast
Closing Devotion (Walcamp led)
Clean up, pack, etc. 
Load up and depart






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