CoVid-19 FAQ


Walcamp "COVID QUESTIONS" (Update January 2022)

What does Walcamp's masking policy and other covid precautions look like for 2022?

The CDC issued the guidelines in June of 2021 and again in August and have not issued any additional guidance for facilities like ours since then.   After reviewing the guidelines for Youth Camps (click here to see full CDC guidance) we have adopted the following practices for both Day and Overnight Groups.  We are committed to providing a healthy and fun camp season for 2022.  As the pandemic is not eradicated we keep certain safety precautions in place to help ensure that Walcamp is a healthy place for all our guests and team members.

  • A majority of our Program Staff is vaccinated and all of our year-round and senior staff are fully vaccinated.
  • We ask groups to prescreen their participants before arrival to camp - this typically involves temperature checks, confirming that each person has felt healthy in the past week, has not contracted (or been near others who have contracted) COVID-19 in the past week, and that they have not recently traveled outside of the country.
  • During their stay at camp, the health of all participants will be monitored by their group. Any signs of illness will be discussed by the group leaders and a Camp Representative to determine the best course of action.
  • Walcamp has a safe air-conditioned space set aside for quarantine if needed.
  • Parents are notified as soon as possible if symptoms present themselves.
  • To ensure the health of the entire camp we ask everyone (guests and staff) to wear masks whenever they are inside any building, and also during any outdoors activities where they cannot keep a safe social distance.
  • Exceptions to the Indoor Masks request include when campers are sleeping, and at meal times when campers are at their seats eating. Masks are required when standing in the food line.
  • Frequent hand washing will be encouraged and made available very frequently during the day
  • Bunk Rooms are arranged so participants can sleep toe-to-head and head-to-toe and air circulation is increased with fans or HVAC.
  • Walcamp is an accredited camp through the American Camp Association and we also reference their field guide providing guidance to safe camp operations. (If interested email- for a copy of this field guide.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please call Bill Indelli, Executive Director at 815-784-5141


Due to the pandemic, are there any assistance programs to help with camper fees?

Yes, as we know that times will be challenging for some of us and Walcamp does offer payment plans to help space out the payments.  Our standard procedure is to span payment plans to be complete by the time your week of camp hits.  This year we are willing to span the payments through August 31st of 2022. To do this register online, do not make the deposit payment but call the office at 815-784-5141.  We will set up a payment plan that works within your budget.   We do also offer needs based "Camperships".  For additional "campership" details click here.