Camp After School Enrichment Program

Camp After School (CAS)

Our Camp After School program extends our Summer Day Camp into the school year, providing assistance to families in our local area through safe outdoor activities for their children as they navigate out-of-school days.


To register for Camp After School, please contact our office using one of the following options

Phone: 815-784-5141


New participants may be asked to complete additional forms that provide emergency contact and health care information. An email with more information and a link to create your Walcamp CampDoc account will be provided to you after registration.

CAS Schedule:

Scheduled dates are subject to change.

Hours of Operation

Wednesday Afternoons

  • Drop-off times are between 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm for Wednesday afternoon events. Students riding the Genoa-Kingston school buss should expect to arrive after 1:30 pm
  • Pick-up times are between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm

Full-Day Programs

  • Drop-off times are between 8:00 am and 8:30 am on the day of the event
  • Pick-up times are between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm

Wednesday Afternoons

Jan 12, 2022

Jan 19, 2022

Jan 26, 2022

Feb 2, 2022

Feb 9, 2022

Feb 16, 2022

Feb 23, 2022

March 2, 2022

March 9, 2022

March 16, 2022

March 23, 2022

March 30, 2022

April 6, 2022

April 13, 2022

April 20, 2022

April 27, 2022

May 4, 2022

May 11, 2022

May 18, 2022

Full Days

Jan 14, 2022

Jan 17, 2022

Feb 21, 2022

Location and Transportation:

CAS activities take place onsite at Walcamp's outdoor campus.

32653 Five Points Road, Kingston IL 60145

Transportation to Walcamp is available on Wednesdays for students attending the Genoa-Kingston schools. Students from other districts should contact our office for transportation options, or be dropped off by a parent.

Transportation home from Walcamp must be arranged by the participant's parent or guardian.



CAS serves students in grades 1-6.

Participants are accepted on an individual basis. Allowances for younger children can be made, provided they do not need assistance in the restroom and they are physically ready for a day of hiking, running and playing active games.



$20 - Wednesday half-day events (includes snacks)

$40 - Full-day events (includes lunch and snacks)




We provide quality child care and a consistent location for your child's after-care needs, but do not just take our word for it! Here are some photos of our activities last year:



Health and Safety


The health of our campers and staff is our highest priority. We follow CDC and health department guidelines and are proactive in making the recommended changes.

  • Walcamp is an accredited summer camp and education center providing a safe place for social play at safe physical distances.
  • Mask free when safe (i.e. outdoors), with masks up when needed
  • Walcamp has run camp programs with adaptations for COVID in place since June 2020
  • We reserve the right to alter or cancel any program for the safety of our guests and team members.

What to Bring

Please see our E3 Parent Handbook below for a detailed list of what to bring to camp. Here are couple quick items:

Face Masks

Participants are required to bring at least one clean face mask to camp each day.

We seek to provide mask-free outdoor activities when possible, however for everyone's safety we do require their use during the day when keeping safe personal distances can be difficult.


Loot Boxes

A "loot box" is a large container to help your child keep their personal belongs contained and to help our team during daily cleaning.

Loot boxes can be dropped off at camp and left here during the week. Most parents take their boxes home on Fridays to clean and restock them.

Participants attending Camp After School will be permitted ONE Loot box to stay at camp for the duration of the program (March through May) to assist with bus travel. This box must have a lid, and all personal belongings that do not fit inside the one box must be taken home by the end of each day.

Loot boxes are available to purchase from Walcamp if needed so that we can help everyone stay safe and organized.


Homework & Electronics

Participants may bring a laptop or tablet to camp for use in completing homework assignments or to keep stored between school and home.

Computer usage guidelines are outlined in our E3 Parent Handbook. Participants (and their parents) are asked to sign a Technology Use Agreement stating that these tools will be used appropriately by the participant.

Cell phones use is discouraged, but participants arriving by bus can keep one powered off and stored in their Loot Box. We encourage contact through our Office team rather than directly calling/texting/messaging your child during the day to enhance the experience of all our participants


Parent Handbook

Click here to download our Walcamp E3 Parent Handbook

Handbook includes:

  • Program introduction and details in a convenient PDF
  • What to Bring list
  • Participant Expected Behavior Agreement
  • Technology Use Agreement


Walcamp is licensed as a Camp by the State of Illinois, not as a registered education facility. Our team members are considered mandatory reporters, however we are not specifically regulated by DCFS.

Walcamp is accredited by the American Camp Association, to ensure that we provide quality programs and a high standard of excellence. ACA also provides guidance and resources to camps regarding best practices during current global health conditions.

Other Questions

We are here to serve! If you have questions that are not answered here, please call 815-784-5141 or email so that we can assist you.

Thanks for considering our Camp After School program!