What is OE? (old)

We still have space available in March of 2023 for your Outdoor Education Experience!


Walcamp Outdoor Education Programs

Walcamp's Outdoor Education (OE) program provides hands-on education options to students and schools, primarily those within Northern Illinois.

OE Overview

Our Outdoor Education options are available in several different formats. Activities can be run by Walcamp instructors with teachers and chaperones providing supervision. Your group can also bring your own instructors for most activities.

  • One-day "field trip" option. This is a great introduction to outdoor education or for a short change of pace to your classroom setting. Ideal for younger students and for those experiencing an outdoor learning environment for the first time.
  • Three-day on-site learning. Our most popular choice with schools, this options provides a brief immersion into nature explortation and growth as an individual within their community. Ideal for classrooms from 5th grade and above.
  • Full-week on-site learning.
  • "Retreat in a Box." Several classroom teachers rent our space to run their own curriculum with their own equipment. Some activities still require a Walcamp instructor for safety.
  • Nature Quest. We bring our classroom to you! Our instructors visit your location to bring nature activities to your students. An ideal option for introducing students and parents to OE and to our team. It is also a great option to excite students before they arrive at camp, or to follow up with an OE experience after returning home. We have also visited PTA meetings and "open houses" to help answer parents' questions about our camp learning experiences.
  • Online Learning, new for 2020! Walcamp now offers e-learning enrichment oportunities. These activities are hot-off-the-press and we are open to suggestions for options that meet the needs of your school.