Outdoor Ed FAQ

Outdoor Education FAQ

Do you have questions about registration, schedules… or just about camp in general? Well, here are the answers to some of the questions most-often asked.


What should students bring for a water unit? Walcamp’s Pond and River units are designed with the intent –weather permitting– for students to be in the water while they explore. They will need to bring old clothes, (perhaps a swimsuit for underneath), and extra shoes that they can get wet. Crocs or sandals with a heel strap are acceptable, but flip-flops and shoes that are not securely fastened will get lost in the mud. You may also want extra plastic bags for wet clothes items.

Why are Walcamp instructors required for archery? Walcamp requires that all “potential risk” equipment and activities be facilitated by Walcamp staff according to strict ACA standards. Groups may choose to bring their own equipment for the range rather than having a Walcamp instructor. Walcamp equipment may only be used under the supervision of our staff to ensure a high level of safety for your students during the activity.

Can we use our own Canoeing units? Yes! Many schools bring their own unit worksheets, and having your own canoeing instructor is fine. According to ACA, a Walcamp lifeguard will be on duty during actual canoeing time and may implement additional safeguards if they become necessary.

Can we bring our own lifeguards? Typically not. Walcamp lifeguards are certified through the American Red Cross and have received additional training in the procedures and equipment specific for this location. However, a group may use their own Red Cross certified lifeguards provided they bring their card with them and are briefed in Walcamp waterfront policies by our staff.

Can our students bring electronics? Outdoor Ed schools have the freedom to permit or restrict use of iPods, cell phones, CD players, portable games and cameras during their visit. We do ask that boomboxes and portable DVD players be left at home as a courtesy to our other guests (though teachers can bring one for educational uses). During units led by Walcamp staff we strongly discourage electronics use as it can be detrimental to the experience.

If you are unable to find answers to your questions here, please email office@walcamp.org or call 815.784.5141 with questions regarding programs, schedules, or registration.