Open Paintball Session

Walcamp is now ready to introduce our Paintball Fields to the public.  On the dates below Walcamp will be hosting open paintball sessions.  Sessions include; Markers (Paintball Guns), masks, 500 rounds of paint and referees.   Additional rounds can be purchased the day of the event for $15/500 round.  Sessions are 2 Hours and time will be spent on each of our 4 courses.  Price is $25/Session  Please arrive 45 minutes early for registration and check-in.  Call for group pricing.  815-784-5141.  Age 10 thru ????? 


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October 26th 9-11 all ages 10 and older$25.00

October 26th, noon-2pm. 18 and Older.$25.00

October 26th 3pm-5pm$25.00