COVID-19 Summer Camp FAQ

CoVid-19 FAQ


What will be the masking policy and other covid precautions look like for summer 2021?

The CDC has issued the guidelines for the summer of 2021 during the week of 6-7-2021.  After reviewing the guideline for Youth Camps (click here to see full CDC guidance) we have come to these guidelines for both Day and Sleepover Camps for the summer of 2021.  We are committed to providing a healthy and fun camp season for 2021.  As the pandemic is not eradicated we will have certain safety precautions in place to help ensure Walcamp to be a healthy place.

Due to the pandemic, are there any assistance programs to help with camper fees?

Yes, as we know that times will be challenging for some of us and Walcamp does offer payment plans to help space out the payments.  Our standard procedure is to span payment plans to be complete by the time your week of camp hits.  This year we are willing to span the payments through August 31st of 2021. To do this register online, do not make the deposit payment but call the office at 815-784-5141.  We will set up a payment plan that works within your budget.   We do also offer needs based "Camperships".  For additional "campership" details click here.