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All Gifts Received through January 15th of 2022 will go toward the funds below.

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Celebrate the Past, Rejoice in the Present and Plan for the Future!


25% of your unrestricted gift will go toward our climbing wall and zipline.

We are closing in on 90% of our goal toward this reality.  Please consider a gift to Walcamp Today and help us finish 2021 strong and ready to build in 2022!

Our theme for this ministry year is Reflection--Seeking Christ in All Things.  The word “reflect” has many different meanings, let me ponder on 3 of them:

Reflect: to look back

No one could have imagined what the last couple of years would look like. In Reflection we can easily see that God knew what it would look like. Your gifts to camp helped us not only to survive fiscally during the pandemic, but God amplified them so that we can look to the future with confidence.  Praise God!

Reflect: to give back or exhibit as an image, likeness, or outline

We are blessed that this year, we were able to Reflect Christ’s Love to over 470 students through our outdoor education ministry, over 230 in our overnight summer camp ministry, over 200 day campers per week, 20 kids in our Camp After School (CAS) ministry, over 75 campers in our Camp Agape camps, our ministry to those with special needs,  many full weekends in our family campground and hundreds of others through retreats.  In 2021 we were able to provide over $13,000 in camperships, how exciting to be able to Reflect Christ’s Love to those that might not otherwise have been able to experience Walcamp.  THANK YOU, your gifts make this all possible!!!

Reflect: to bring or cast as a result

Thanks to your gifts we are able to provide for many Gospel sharing opportunities at Walcamp.  Our “Pay what you can” camps were a success and we look forward to expanding those options next year. Also next year,  we are hopeful to be adding a Climbing 
Wall and Zip Line on our campus (25% of your year end gift will go toward this), utilizing our new Hammock Village, and serving our youth with frequent Christ-Centered leadership retreats, to name a few things on our horizon.  Without your support we would not be able to have this confidence in moving forward with these initiatives.  THANK YOU!

This year we are stewarding all our end of the year gifts in a new and exciting way, designed to reflect what Christ is doing in our midst.  Your gifts will be applied to different buckets - buckets that Celebrate our Past, Rejoice in our Present and Plan for a Solid Future.  The chart above represents how we plan to steward all gifts received in December of 2021.

Thank you for your support. Together we Celebrate our Past, Rejoice in the Present and Plan for a Solid Future!

Have a Blessed Holiday Season, a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2022!

Yours in the Christ Child,

Bill "Whoop" Indelli
Executive Director