OE Facilities and Equipment

OE Facilities and Equipment


Cabins and Meeting Facilities

Walcamp offers several options for on-site housing. Please visit our Retreat Facilities page for more details.


Equipment Availability and Usage

Walcamp has a wide selection of outdoor education and sports equipment that is available upon request.

  • Equipment usage is on a first-come, first served basis.
  • Some equipment may be loaned out with the understanding that it must be returned by a specific time.
  • There is no fee for the use of our sports equipment, although there may be additional charges if borrowed equipment is lost or damage.
  • Most of our educational items are only available if a Walcamp team member is leading the activity.

Archery Range: Use of the archery range requires a Walcamp instructor

Waterfront: Canoeing and Swimming events require a Walcamp-approved lifeguard.

  • If your school chooses to lead its own River Study unit, we strongly encourage you to request a lifeguard if you plan to have students entering the water.

As there are often multiple groups on site, please let us know about your equipment needs at least one month in advance so we can have it ready when you arrive.

For additional information regarding equipment usage and availability, email office@walcamp.org or call 815-784-5141



We serve meals year-round in our Lodge Dining Hall. Visit our Meals page for more information.

We serve our food cafeteria style following a prayer that is sung by the group. The tasty meals are kid-friendly with plenty for seconds. Students help with the clean up of their own trays and table, working together to put away dishes and cleaning the table for the next meal.

Special diet needs such as gluten-free, vegetarian, or lactose intolerant are also provided with advance notification.
Please contact guestservices@walcamp.org.


Medications, First Aid and Safety

Your school is responsible for all regular medications and first aid of the campers. It is required to have a First Aid Kit.

Walcamp has first aid supplies on hand and can provide a cabinet for first aid supplies and medication brought by the school. Our staff is trained in first aid and can help out in an emergency, as well as give directions to the nearest health care facilities.

Schools are encouraged to have emergency contact information on hand for each student as well as a permission form and a copy of each student’s health form. It is also recommended that you have a vehicle that can transport students and/or staff to the hospital/ doctor if needed.


Snacks & Camp Souvenirs

Our camp store provides guests the opportunity to purchase Walcamp souvenirs and snacks.   Prices and items can be found by visiting our Camp Store webpage.

Students may use cash.  However, teachers can arrange to collect money from parents in advance (or guarantees as to how much the student can spend) and have the students pay using Walcamp Checks, documenting each student’s spending. The total balance is applied to the school’s bill at the end of the week, and the Walcamp Checks are returned to the teacher