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Program Benefits

Walcamp E3 offers children 5-12 years old a consistent location for e-learning and outdoor play that complements their classroom “E-Learning Days.”


Based on our year-round Outdoor Education program, participants complete their school e-learning requirements and join in STEM-based activities, games and opportunities to build friendships with other children their age.


Walcamp E3 is a great opportunity to enrich your child's e-learning in an environment that provides face-to-face interaction and balances screen time with outdoor and enrichment activities in a fun and safe community.


Walcamp’s E3 program is overseen by Program Director, Ben "Mufasa" Konrad, who has a master’s degree in education and fourteen years of experience working with youth in both classroom and outdoor education environments.



Document Center

Click here to download the E3 Parent Handbook

Handbook includes:

  • Program introduction and details in a convenient PDF
  • What to Bring list
  • Participant Expected Behavior Agreement
  • Technology Use Agreement


Program Highlights

  • Walcamp E3 begins September 1st, 2020
  • Students attend Walcamp on the days you choose
  • Walcamp E3 hours are 7:30am-5:00pm.
  • Lunches are included, as are morning and afternoon snacks
  • Walcamp takes attendance daily and complements your school's curriculum to provide your child with the best of both worlds. All E-learning coursework can be facilitated on-site.
  • Covid-19 Safe Environment
    • Walcamp has provided a Covid-19 safe, quality day camp program since June 1st, 2020; the first program of its kind to open in northern Illinois this summer!
    • Walcamp follows IDPH Guidelines for this industry
    • Walcamp facilities are disinfected frequently during the day, using CDC Disinfecting Procedures
    • Participants will spend as much time outdoors as possible and practice social distancing in all activities. (This helps participants whose masks distract them from learning and those who prefer not to wear masks for extended lengths of time)
    • Walcamp’s student to facilitator ratios will never exceed 15-1
  • A built in two-week enrichment program. Some of the enrichment activities include
    • Basic Computer Skills
    • Cooking
    • Creative Writing
    • Music
    • Photography
    • Survival Skills


  • Walcamp is accredited by the American Camp Association. ACA accreditation assures families that their camp has made the commitment to a safe, nurturing environment for their children. ACA Standards are recognized by courts of law and government regulators as the standards of the camp community.  For more information on what it means to be accredited please visit: https://www.acacamps.org/campers-families/planning-camp/preparing-camp/fun-safety-aca-accredited-camps-set-standard
  • Walcamp is licensed as a Camp by the State of Illinois. It's staff members and programs are not a registered education facility and are not regulated by DCFS.
  • All staff pass background checks
  • References are available upon request


For More Information

For additional questions or for assistance registering, please call our office at 815-784-5141 or email office@Walcamp.org


E3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

This information is provided to assist with planning and to describe the overall experience. Specific details are subject to change.

Walcamp E3 details can be downloaded in one convenient document.


Quick FAQ Links



Drop-off and Pick-up

  • Drop-off times are currently between 7:30 am and 8:00 am. Earlier drop-off times are not available
  • Pick-up times are currently between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm. Your promptness is appreciated
    • Late pick-up options are limited and should be scheduled in advance, as our team members have additional cleaning responsibilities to keep camp safe and clean.
  • Late drop-offs and early departures can be scheduled with our office.
  • At no time should a child be dropped off and left at camp unattended!



Does my child have to attend every week?

Walcamp E3 is designed to provide a consistant e-learning location for your child. Attending every week is not required, however consistent attendance will provide your child the best value for their experience.

What will my child miss if we only sign up for a partial week?

We designed E3 to be adaptable. Participants attending a partial week experience the basic skills and activities planned for each theme, while participants attending a full week recieve extra time to master a particular skill or topic area.


What to Bring

What is a camp "Loot Box"?

A "Loot Box" is a plastic container large enough to store all your child's belongings.

  • "Loot Boxes" help keep each child's belongings contained and reduces the risk of cross-contamination and lost items.
  • We recommend the Sterilite 70 gallon (66 liter) or similar a container
  • Loot boxes can be dropped off at the beginging of each session and returned home at the sessions end (two week). This makes things convenient for parents and provides opportunities to wash forgotten laundry and restock school supplies.
  • Loot Boxes are requried for our program to be run safely. A Loot Box will be provided at the start of each session to participants who do not bring one with them, with a $15 fee added to their account per Loot Box provided in this way.

What should my child wear?

A complete list is provided in the E3 Parent Handbook.

  • Face Masks!
    • Our goal is to provide mask-free activities whenever it is safe to do so at a distance.
    • Masks are required for certain activities and in certain areas of camp for the protection of your child and every participant and team member
    • We recommend bringing at least 2-3 clean masks each day.
      • One teacher suggested using plastic Travel Soap Container for participants to store their masks in when not in use. This keeps the mask clean and free from contamination, and allows the child to easily carry it in a book bag or back pocket.
  • Clothing should be appropriate for school and for outdoor play.
  • Clothing should be appropriate for outside play in various weather conditions.
    • Warm weather: a modest swimsuit (no bikinis please), "water shoes," and extra clothes that can get wet or muddy
    • A rain coat or poncho is recomended for most weeks
    • Cold weather: winter coats, hats, gloves and boots for longer periods of outdoor play
  • Shoes should be suitable for running and playing outdoors, and should stay attached to the child's feet. No flip-flops, sandals, heels or Air Jordans please!
  • We recomend sending an extra pair of shoes and at least one extra change of clothing. Accidents can happen, as do rain, mud and other factors.

What should I leave at home?

Walcamp is a Child-Safe Zone. No firearms, weapons or drugs are permitted on the grounds. Adults licensed for conceal carry are asked to keep those items locked safely in their vehicle.

We also ask that you not bring any portable electronics other than a school-provided e-learning device (laptop or tablet) or an emergancy cell phone handed to a team member at drop-off.



Does Walcamp provide/permit a laptop or other eLearning device?

Participants are required to bring their own school-provided laptop or tablet for use during scheduled E-Learning times.

  • At this time, due to current health concerns, we do not have laptops or learning devices available for students.
  • Participants attending a school that does not provide a laptop or tablet may arrange with us to bring a laptop provided by their parent or guardian (Windows prefered) provided the participant follows our Technology Use Agreement and limits its use to school or enrichment activities only. A parent or guardian may be asked to provide a written statement that they will not hold Walcamp responsible if their personal electronic device is damaged while at camp.

Does Walcamp provide/permit other electronics?

Bringing personal electronics to camp is discouraged (see the Handbook for more details). An emergancy cell phone can be brought and given to a team member at Drop-off to be stored with medications and other emergancy equipment.

Participants using a personal electronic device outside of these guidelines will have their device set aside and returned to them at Pick-up. Walcamp is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal electronic device not given directly into our care.

What is Walcamp's role in ensuring that my child uses their E-Learning time wisely?

Walcamp is licensed as a Camp by the State of Illinois, not as a registered education facility. Our team members are considered manditory reporters, however we are not specifically regulated by DCFS.

  • Walcamp instructors and team members are qualified to work with children. They can provide in-person assistance and may offer encouragement or interventions to children who may need help with their time management.
  • Our team members are not responsible for any incomplete or missing classwork resulting from a child’s behavior or lack of preparation.
  • Each child is responsible for making up class time lost due to poor time management or due to the loss of their electronics for not following our Technology Use Agreement.

What if my child forgets something that they need to complete an assignment?

Our team members are willing to help as we can. Some items like basic school supplies (pencils, pens, paper) may be available if needed, however it is best to plan ahead and send extra supplies along rather than counting on us to have what your child needs.



What "enrichment" is camp providing?

Each week includes enrichment experiences in addition to e-learning times. These STEM-based activities offering hands-on exploration and never-before-offered opportunities to blend outdoor skills and technology to record and share their experiences with group members and with their families

Does Walcamp provide/permit a laptop or other eLearning device?

Participants are permitted to to use their e-learning device (laptop, tablet) to also work on enrichment activities.

Walcamp will provide digital cameras and other devices to participants when it is required for an activity.



Will my child be in front of a screen all day?

Walcamp's mission is to bring people "into the outdoors." While the E3 program incorperates technology, our goal is to have participants outside whenever possible to explore and to play in nature. Participants still take part in the running games, nature hikes and weather appropriate activities (canoeing, walking through a creek, snowball fights, cross-country skiing, etc.) that make our Outdoor Education and Summer Camp programs a success.

Other Questions

What if my question is not in this list?

Please contact our office by phone or email. We are happy to assist you as best we can!