Outdoor Ed Covid Precautions

CoVid-19 FAQ for Outdoor Ed Fall of 2021 as of August 8, 2021


What will be the masking policy and other covid precautions look like the fall Outdoor Education Season.

After reviewing the guideline for Youth Camps (click here to see full CDC guidance) we have come to these guidelines for our Fall 2021 Outdoor Education Season.  We are committed to providing a healthy and meaningful Outdoor Education Program. As the pandemic is not eradicated we will have certain safety precautions in place to help ensure Walcamp to be a healthy place.

  • A majority of your Staff is Vaccinated,  all of our year-round and senior staff is fully vaccinated.
  • Students are asked to bring a clean mask for each day at Walcamp.
  • During the week of camp, the health of all campers will be monitored and at any sign of illness, the camper will be looked over by our staff and the onsite leader.
  • We have established a safe air-conditioned place for quarantine if needed.
  • The student's parent will be notified as soon as possible if symptoms present themselves.
  • If symptoms are consistent with that of Covid-19 the family will be asked to pick their student.  We ask, but not require, that the student be tested for Covid-19 and that Walcamp be notified of the test results. 
  • To ensure the health of the entire camp we will be asking campers to wear masks whenever inside the dining hall and not able to keep a social distance of 6ft.
  • During meal times, Campers and Walcamp Staff will be asked to wear masks while in the food line and remove them once they return to their table
  • Masks will not be required outside unless campers will be in very close proximity to each other for over 5 consecutive minutes
  • As we are an accredited camp through the American Camp Association we will be using the field guide developed as guidance to safe camp operations.  (If interested email- Bill@walcamp.org for a copy of this field guide.
  • Frequent hand washing will be encouraged and made available very frequently during the day
  • Sleeping will be toe-to-head and head-to-toe in the bunk rooms and air circulation will be increased with fans and HVAC fan.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please call Bill Indelli, Executive Director at 815-784-5141