COVID-19 Summer Camp FAQ

As the landscape is ever-changing in regards to Covid-19 precautions the FAQ below may be modified as time goes on.  Please check back often as things may change.


Is the 2021 Summer Camp Ministry still happening as planned including overnight camps?

Yes, we are still planning on providing our Summer Camp Ministry 2021, and what a great summer it is going to be! 

Will you be offering overnight (sleepaway) camps in 2021?

Yes, Our current plan included overnight camps.  In the event that they are not permitted a full refund will be issued to you.

Will Overnight Camps look different this year?

Our plan for 2021 Overnight Camps is to focus on small group activities that will build relationships.  Our summer camp philosophy is geared toward small groups so this will be a natural transition.   All group activities will be held outdoors weather permitting and will have ample space for social distancing.   We have also purchased large outdoor tents to be used for this purpose in case of inclement weather.  (Thank you to Prince of Peace in Palatine and to the Northern Illinois District, for the grants to purchase these tents)  Anytime spent in the lodge will most likely require masking unless eating.  Many meals will be eaten outside as well.

What if Summer Camp 2021 is canceled and I have already paid, will I get a refund?

Yes, in the event that Walcamp has to cancel our Summer Camp 2021 Ministry a full refund will be offered to all registrations.  This refund will include the $75 deposit.  

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic is Walcamp anticipating changes to the 2021 summer camp?

Yes, The health of our campers and staff is our highest priority.  We will be following all CDC and health department recommendations in place at the time of our summer camp.  We will be proactive in making these changes.  If any organization is able to modify on the fly, summer camps have been doing it forever, it is second nature for us.

Should I wait and see what happens before registering for camp?

No, in light of Covid-19 we are planning a smaller program this year. Our suggestion is to sign up today and pay the $75 deposit to hold your spot.  Your deposit will be refunded in the event we have to cancel our Summer Camp 2021 season.  Although there are absolutely no guidelines in place today from the CDC or Health Department, we expect that there may be limits on how many campers we may be able to host at a time.  

Does the Insurance through Camp Doc registration cover fees if camp 2021is canceled?

No, if summer camp is canceled by Walcamp the insurance through Camp Doc will not cover the registration fees.  Walcamp will refund all fees if the season is canceled.  We would suggest not purchasing Insurance through Camp Doc.  

Due to the pandemic, are there any assistance programs to help with camper fees?

Yes, as we know that times will be challenging for some of us and Walcamp does offer payment plans to help space out the payments.  Our standard procedure is to span payment plans to be complete by the time your week of camp hits.  This year we are willing to span the payments through August 31st of 2021. To do this register online, do not make the deposit payment but call the office at 815-784-5141.  We will set up a payment plan that works within your budget.   We do also offer needs based "Camperships".  For additional "campership" details click here.  









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