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  May 2018  
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Summer Camp FAQ

What time does check-in start?
Check-in for full week summer camp sessions and Sunday half week sessions is Sunday Evening from 5:30-6:30. Check in for other half week sessions starts at 5:30 on Wednesdays.   Please remember there are no Meals served Sunday so please eat before arriving at camp.

Should we eat before arriving at camp on Sunday?
YES! There is no evening meal served at Walcamp on Sunday before, during or after registration.

What should we bring for check-in? 
Both the parent/guardian and their child must be present at check in. Please bring any outstanding paperwork and all medications with you. Your luggage can remain in the vehicle until after check-in.

What time should I arrive to pick up my camper(s)?
You are invited to attend a closing ceremony at the end of your camper’s program session.  These ceremonies typically include songs your camper has learned during their stay, a recap of activities and Bible studies that your camper participated in, a special message from the leadership of Walcamp, and instructions to help you leave Walcamp with as much of your campers stuff and as few headaches as possible. Ceremonies begin at 11am on Fridays and 11:45am on Wednesdays. If you need to pick your camper up earlier, please let the Walcamp office know, as well as the counselor you meet when you drop your camper off at check in on Sunday.

Who takes care of my child while at Walcamp?

Walcamp’s Summer Staff is carefully selected each year for their excellent qualifications and love for Jesus and children. Each Summer Staff member is required to attend a 2 week training session at Walcamp led by our Director of Programming. Walcamp runs background checks on all employees at the time of hire.

All aquatic activities are supervised by Red Cross Certified lifeguards. All counselors and senior staff members are First Aid/CPR trained. Additionally, a registered RN or MD is present during the day, and available by phone each night to administer first aid and administer prescribed medications

What is your camper/counselor ratio?
Walcamp programs are designed for an 8 to 1 camper-counselor ratio. The ratio varies somewhat based on ages, according to ACA standards, and by the number of participants. Any groups that exceed the 8:1 ratio will have an additional Junior servant or staff member to work with the cabin group all week. Ratios for special needs programming are determined by the specific needs of each camper.

How many kids typically attend each session?
On average, there are about 8 boys and 8 girls in each camp group. With numerous sessions going on simultaneously, there can be anywhere from 80-100 campers at camp during any one week.

Where will my child sleep?
Unless otherwise indicated, campers stay in bunk style housing with modern bathrooms. If your child is registered for Treehouse Village or Survivor Camp, they will be staying in the designated area for that Village Camp.

What if my child is taking prescription medication?
All medicines brought for a camper will be stored with the Camp Health Care Manager and dispensed as prescribed. Be sure to bring medication in the labeled prescription bottle. A form must be signed to allow Walcamp to administer over-the-counter medication.

What if my child becomes homesick?
It is not unusual for campers of any age to be homesick. You can assist in the prevention of this by talking with your child about the experience, the importance of making new friends and doing fun activities. We do our best to keep your child active and involved in fun and exciting activities. It is helpful to the counselor if you fill out the camper information sheet in your confirmation packet to let us know what techniques will work best with your child. If the homesickness persists, a member of our program staff may contact you to seek helpful hints for your child. We do not recommend that the child speak directly to the parents as this tends to increase homesickness for parent and child alike, but we certainly respect your need or desire to do so.


My child has allergies. Can the menu be adjusted?
If your camper has a medically diagnosed allergy or special dietary need, send an email to two weeks prior to your arrival for accommodations.


Should I send money along for the Camp Store?
Your child will have the opportunity to visit the camp store for snacks each afternoon. Campers are allowed to purchase two items per day.  Because each item in our snack bar costs $1, we recommend that you leave about $10-$15 with your child for snacks during the week. Souvenir items like T-shirts and water bottles are only available during check- in and check-out on the first and last days of the session.


Can I register online?
Yes, you can REGISTER ON LINE. Simply click this link, and you will be connected with the on-line registration service through a secure server. Credit card information must accompany each electronic registration. You will be able to view a summer camp schedule, cost, and available space for each camp. Confirmation will be sent to you via email.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, Walcamp will accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Please be sure to sign the registration and also print your name clearly along with the expiration date and the amount.

Can I reserve a spot in a camp over the phone without a deposit?
Walcamp requires a deposit to hold a spot for your child in a session.

When should I send in my forms?
For preparation and to ensure that your child may participate in all the planned activities, it is important to return all appropriate and required forms in a timely manner. All forms are now available to print through your online registration account. Click here to log in.  We must have the health form at least 14 days in advance.  Many questions are asked about your camper while you are registering. It allows the counselor to learn a little about your child prior to their arrival. This information is also extremely helpful if your child becomes homesick, so please answer as many questions as possible and feel free to add any helpful tips you may have to help usgive your child the best experience possible. Certain specialty camps and adventure camps have various permission forms and risk release forms. Click here for our Document Center.

What if my child changes his or her mind and wants to switch camps or weeks?  With the permission of the parent or guardian you may switch camps or weeks pending availability.  You cannot switch camps/weeks for children not under your care. Please contact the registrar if you need to change a session (

What if my child is unable to attend camp once we have paid the deposit or full amount? If your child chooses not to attend camp the deposit is non-refundable.  If the session is cancelled by Walcamp, the full deposit will be refunded.  Cancellations made at least 14 days prior to the start of camp will receive a full refund less the deposit. Cancellations made less than 14 days prior to the start of camp will forfeit all fees, unless for a medical reason (physician’s letter required).  Requests for cancellation must be received in writing.

What happens if the camp we register for is full?
If both your first and second choices are full, we will notify you. You may either choose another session or be placed on a waiting list. Your deposit will be used to hold a spot on the waiting list and is refundable should your child not get into the session.

For what reasons might Walcamp cancel a session?
Though it is rare, a session may be cancelled due to lack of enrollment.  We will certainly try to accommodate you by suggesting other sessions or weeks that may be available.


How can I contact my child while he or she is at camp?
The best way to reach your camper is by mail or with a one way email. Campers love it!


How can I email my camper?
Simply send an email to with your child’s name and camp in the subject line, and it’ll be printed out and given to them throughout the week! These emails are one-way, and campers will not have computer access to reply.


When should I mail letters/packages?
We suggest that you send it at least a week ahead of time. Clearly mark your camper’s name, their camp session and which week he or she is attending. You may mark letters to be delivered on certain days.  Packages (clearly marked) are also welcome. How should I address a letter/package? Example:

Camper Name
Camp Session and Date
Walcamp Outdoor Ministries
32653 Five Points Road
Kingston, IL 60145
  John Doe
Survivor Camp June 11-15
Walcamp Outdoor Ministries
32653 Five Points Road
Kingston, IL 60145

Can I drop off mail?
Yes! You can leave mail at the Camp Store when you arrive on Sunday. Again, clearly mark the camper’s name, camp session and week he or she is attending. If you leave multiple items we will deliver the mail on the day you have marked.

Why didn’t my child receive the mail I sent?
Since many parents send mail early, determining which camper it belongs to can be difficult unless it is clearly labeled. While we do our best to deliver it, you will help ensure your child receives the mail by clearly marking his or her name, the camp program and dates your child is attending.

Singing for mail?
It is a tradition at Walcamp that campers “sing” for their mail. If you think your child will be uncomfortable with this tradition, please inform his or her counselor. Mail is meant to be a treat!

What if I want to call my child?
We encourage you to send lots of mail to your child, but we request that you do not call your child. Telephone calls are likely to cause homesickness, not cure it!   Please do call in an emergency. Between 8:00am – 4:00pm, call the main office at 815.784.5141. The office staff will take a message and immediately have a member of the Program Staff locate your child with the information. After 4:00 pm, calling the main number 815.784.5141 will give you an emergency number to reach the staff person on call.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

What if I want my child to call me?
To help your child enjoy their experience, we encourage you not to have them call home. If they must call home a written request must accompany the health form (including information on how and when). Please remember, this can be disruptive to their experience and to their fellow campmates. You will be notified in the case of an emergency or any health concerns. If you are concerned that your child may be overly homesick, an email to our Director of Programming ( and a private chat with your child’s counselor or the Health Care Manager may be a better solution than encouraging your child to call home anytime.

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