Camp Agape Programs for Persons with Special Needs

Camp Agape Program

Walcamp provides an Excellent Program for persons with special needs.

Walcamp’s Camp Agape program has served individuals with developmental disabilities for over twenty five years. Walcamp’s well-trained staff and volunteers participate in all activities with the campers in a small group ratio. Both children and adults are welcome to participate. 

Program Summary

Camp Agape Programs
Walcamp is a safe and exciting place for loads of fun; where campers make new friends, enjoy nature, and grow in God’s word.  Campers develop strong relationships with their peers as well as with counselors and staff, and are reassured on a daily basis how much they matter to God.

Our goal is to help campers discover different ways to serve the Lord every day. Through our specially designed programs campers are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities to keep them mobile and having fun!

Each week at Walcamp we offer programs to campers of all ages, stages, and abilities.  This means that our Special Needs Campers can be involved in large group games and activities with the rest of the campers, or be a part of a small group walking around our beautiful property taking in all the sights and sounds.  Through this flexible schedule campers will grow in self-achievement, independence, confidence, and self-respect.

Come join the fun!  There is something for everyone as campers enjoy new experiences and challenges and taking great strides along their faith journey.


Program Options

Winter Weekend Retreats
Target Level of Care: Independent, Semi-Independent, Semi-Dependent
Walcamp offers two Camp Agape Winter Retreats, one during the Advent season in December and one over Palm Sunday Weekend, usually in March or April. Campers participate in retelling the stories surrounding each holiday and participate in seasonal crafts and activities, enjoy the outdoors and bowl at a local bowling alley in DeKalb.

Summer Camp: Full-Week Integrated Programs
Target Level of Care: Independent, Semi-Independent
Our Integrated Camp Agape Programs take place alongside our summer youth programs. Campers participate in Classic Camp activities with their small group, and also join in camp games, campfire songs, devotions and other activities with our youth campers. This program may include activities such as nature hikes, canoeing, fishing, swimming, river floats, and games such as kick-ball that may require some level of physical activity.

Summer Camp: Half-Week Specialty Programs
Target Level of Care: Independent, Semi-Independent, Semi-Dependent, Dependent by arrangement with our Program Director.
Our Specialty Camp Agape Programs provide a great opportunity for our campers with disabilities to enjoy camp at their own pace. Campers participate in a small group and often receive 2:1 or 1:1 attention depending on their needs. Activities vary, and the smaller groups allow for greater customization for individual interests.


Levels of Care

The following tiers provide a summary of the level of care an individual may require. Each person is unique, and these descriptions can serve as a guide while determining which camp program might best fit your camper's needs. Please direct any questions to our Program Director,

The camper cares for his or her self with minimal supervision.

The camper cares for his or her self with minimal assistance, typically verbal prompting or the occasional assist - such as tying shoes.

The camper cares for his or her own basic needs, however they are dependant on a care giver to assist them in carrying out that care. This may take the form of verbal directions, assistance moving over rough terrain, cutting food into smaller portions, or similar tasks. This camper may require closer attention for emotional reasons rather than for physical needs.

The camper is dependent on others to provide for basic needs such as eating, transportation and using the restroom, either in a 1:1 capacity or greater. Walcamp's ability to care for individuals with this level of need may be limited, and their family may be asked to send a care-giver to attend camp with the camper and help care for their needs. Our Program Director is available to discuss care options with you in advance to determine how best to serve this camper.